Winter NAMM 2016 Wrap Up

NAMM is like walking into an arena that is throbbing with drums and slap bass. There is nothing else like it on Earth. There are a myriad of products any musician or music enthusiast could find themselves entirely entranced or completely appalled by.

The food available is a mixture of food carts that are of decent quality, in which the price you pay is not money but the amount of time it takes from the front of the line to the end. The food sold directly in the center is barely passable and mostly tastes like salty cardboard.

Like many trade shows, the challenge of NAMM is to locate and connect with other like minded, imaginative folk. It can be difficult to parse through the sea of thoughtless bullshit, but when you do, it is magic. Conversations with other people who just want to make cool shit are like an oasis. You look to be inspired by your peers who genuinely pursue their muse. You become brothers in arms in the fight against the inane machine, that seems to be constantly pumping out meaningless garbage. Those moments are priceless.

This year we brought the Bicycle Delay, CSDIMAN, new SFT, Adinkeo and Katzenkönig, which were received with blown minds and dropped jaws. It’s always an experience to see others play with our creations in person. It’s even better to see people’s reactions to the weird shit we like to do 🙂

Watch Videos from NAMM 2016

Thanks to all our creative comrades who stopped by, the old and new!

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