R.I.P. Nicholas Harris

It is with heavy hearts that we at Catalinbread announce the passing of Nicholas Harris, our founder and our friend. We ask that the privacy of his family, friends, and employees be respected during this difficult time.

He was at times “contentious” but was always focused on a vision that asked us to pour just as much creativity, love, and balls into it as he did. And so we shall…

As a company, and as a family, we plan on continuing that vision that Nicholas created just as he’d have wanted us to: carrying on with our trajectory of kicking ass, following the muse, and being blown away and humbled by the music you all create that inspires us to do what we do.

We thank you all so much for your messages – this community of folks has always been so supportive of us, and we are truly overwhelmed by the kindness and love you’ve shown us.

“I just wanna make cool shit.” – Nicholas Harris

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