Here comes Karma Suture’s Evel twin!

What’s this news about an Evel twin?


The original Karma Suture has been a shop favorite since it came out in 2014. Inspired by the rare Harmonic Percolator™, it features the original configuration of PNP germanium and NPN silicon transistors as well as a mixed pair of germanium and silicon clipping diodes for a sweet, singing response from clean, sparkly boost all the way to full, fat fuzz reminiscent of a germanium fuzz face, with great overdrive textures in the middle of its range.


This circuit has the amazing property of emphasizing even-order harmonics so the response is always musical, even when playing complex chord voicings! The Karma Suture added two controls, Diodes and Density, to give you complete control over clipping amount and frequency response.

So what’s up with the evel twin? Well, when Howard first started experimenting with the circuit, he found that it could be taken in many directions. There was a lot of potential there for all kinds of amazing guitar sounds. We wanted to start by offering our take on the classic recipe which resulted in the original Karma Suture, now known as the Germanium Karma Suture. For our second take on this idea we wanted to make something that was louder, punchier, and more aggressive while still keeping the sweet even-order harmonic character of the original. The result is the new Silicon Karma Suture which employs an all-silicon recipe. Both transistors are silicon but still retaining the PNP/NPN architecture. The clipping diode section is now all-silicon as well, configured for asymmetrical clipping.

The Silicon Karma Suture retains the four-knob layout of the Germanium Karma Suture but has been voiced to be louder, punchier, tighter, and overall more aggressive. The Silicon Karma Suture loves humbuckers! 

Silicon Karma Suture will be available alongside the original Germanium Karma Suture, allowing us to offer two distinct flavors of this awesome circuit. Silicon Karma Suture is the yang to Germanium Karma Suture’s yin!

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Silicon Karma Suture

Silicon Karma Suture

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