Ear Trumpet Labs Tour

Recently, Ear Trumpet Labs invited the Catalinbread crew for a tour of their workshop! It is always a joy to hang out with other folks who care about craftsmanship as much as we do! It’s a refreshing and fun break from our day to day pedal building. Our comrades in arms! Fellow music manufacturers 🙂 Ear Trumpet Labs hand builds microphones, combining state-of-the-art sound quality with playfully eclectic design.





Andrew, Howard, Malachi, Phillip, Quinn

We are inspired by ETL’s inventiveness and approach to choice of materials and design. They are a fantastic crew, and it feels more like walking into your family’s workshop rather than a production line. It’s funny how similar the vibe is to our shop. Everyone there cares deeply about creating the best possible product. Everyone takes pride in being able to build things with our hands, it’s an empowering experience. Just like Catalinbread, each ETL mic is handmade. It is intensive work that requires patience, concentration, steady hands, sharp eyes, and love for your team and providing a top-shelf product.



Andrew, Howard, Phillip, Zane

Thanks again Phillip, Malachi, Quinn, Zane and Grendel for showing us a good time and hanging out! What a fantastic time to be in Portland. To be contributing to a long history of DIYers, builders, artists and encouraging a strong future for bringing creative manufacturing back to The States!


Phillip (right) shows Howard (left) a circuit for the headboard in one of the mic capsules.


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