Belle Epoch Deluxe News & Expression Pedal Requirements

Belle Epoch Deluxe News

Hey guys, Howard here! We are stoked by all the excitement around the upcoming Belle Epoch Deluxe! Thank you! We’re working to get our creation out to you as fast as we can but sometimes things take longer than we want them to. We’re looking at mid-June for it to be available and are excited to hear what sounds you’ll be conjuring with it!

In the meantime, we’re getting a lot of questions about expression pedals in anticipation so here’s some info about that. Once you use an expression pedal with the Belle Epoch Deluxe you won’t want to be without it!


Belle Epoch Deluxe Expression Pedal Requirements:


Using an expression pedal unlocks the live performance potential of your new Belle Epoch Deluxe! You can control delay time, echo volume, rotary speed, or filter sweep from an expression pedal. And when combined with the user-tunable Echo Oscillation footswitch and/or the internally switchable trails/true-bypass mode, all kinds of new sonic vistas are available!


TRS expression pedal. Ring to wiper. Sleeve to ground. Tip to 3.3v. 

WARNING: Do not plug a tip-sleeve plug (like a standard guitar or speaker cable plug) into expression pedal jack.

(Some models, such as Dunlop Volume X series have an internal switch to swap Tip/Ring. Dunlop ships with Tip to wiper so the internal switch must be flipped.)

Linear taper is recommended for the best sweep.

B10k or B25k are common. Pot value not critical.


We recommend springing for a high-quality metal-bodied one if you will be using it for live performance. While the less expensive plastic bodied ones work they aren’t very accurate and it’s hard to keep a setting from moving when you lift your foot.


*Note* When using a volume pedal, you will not get the maximum delay time in ‘D’ mode. You’ll only get half the delay time, however, ‘V’ mode works fine. Because of this we no longer recommend the use of volume pedal unless you’re okay with the limitations of the delay time.

A volume pedal, such as Ernie Ball, may also be used by patching with a TRS to dual-mono cable. Plug the mono plug where tip connects to the TRS tip to the Input of the volume pedal and plug the other mono plug where its tip connects to the TRS ring to the Output of the volume pedal. On a Hosa cable that should be the orange plug to the Volume pedal Input. 



Some expression pedals (such as the Roland EV-5) have an external trimmer to allow you to set the minimum value. With the Belle Epoch Deluxe you can use that to set the minimum delay time (heel down). The maximum delay time (toe down) is set from the panel control, Echo Delay. Some expression pedals (such as the Dunlop X series) have an internal trimmer to set the minimum value.


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