About Us

Catalinbread Mechanisms of Music exists in order to make an impact on the world by manifesting truly remarkably musical devices.


Production Team


Not much is known about Steve. Once a carnie, always a carnie.


He introduced us to Larry Pierce songs








MeganMegan apends her breaks playing with her DS and enjoys making apple butter and wine. She is a cardboard architect and sculptor. Some of her creations includ laptops, standup bass and a large coffin shaped bookshelf. Resident food disposer, keyboard player and comic writer.

Amanda Palmer and The Bad Things









Brent Geary is our resident violin and (he insisted I state this) Black Sea kemence player who Balkans at none. He puts the “pot” in potentiometer, trims leads, solders and makes the coffee. More often than not, you’ll find him reminiscing about Buffalo or Schenectady: the “Old Country”. (Those are in Jersey, right?) While not at Catalinbread, Brent runs live sound and plays in odd metered bands.

1949 W. Wilkonowski with Fishman transducer pickups

Taraf de Haiduks and The Bucharest Drinking Team

Quality Assurance and Control Team


JeanJean Mastaler has been with the QC team for about 4 years. She has a critical ear and eye and not much slips past her. When she’s not testing you Catalinbread pedal, she plays viola professionally for the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra and Portland Opera!







Matthew Matthew Lynch

Likes: Good dreams, taquerias, playing drums, coffee, tetris, thrashing, comics, and loud guitars.

Dislikes: Bad dreams, jerks.

Height: 5’10”

Eye Color: Hazel/glowing red

Hair: Brown

Skills: Level 2 QC Wizard, mind melting, conjuring spirits.

Matthew spends most of his free time listening to music and playing cribbage.





Andrew wins the award for Beardiest Builder and Basher. Lover of food, music, Johnson’s baby oil, hip gyrations and women. He’s a part of the QC team and occasionally/often assists the Wrecking Crew. You can find him changing the shop’s music then walking away, not to be seen for hours. Has a penchant for velvet bell bottoms and polar bear skin slippers (don’t worry they’re organic and free range).


Listens to Nature sounds and bamboo flutes while sipping Turkish coffee at dusk.







Dev Team


Howard Howard is our lead guitarist, philosopher, and designer. He spends his days juggling breadboards and concepts. During his “free time” you’ll find him hanging out with Maya and Buddy or listening way too intently to everything. He likes short walks by the Columbia river and Ginger Pop. We’re pretty sure unicorns and pandas live in his ear.








Jerome Monaco a veteran part of QC and Dev team. Wins the award for best Musical Reenactments and High Kicks. Often staying till the shop closes and has delicious lunches. Has the best hair, daily- and his guitar playing is smoother than rum.













Bryan is Catalinbread’s Parts Czar- he ensures we’re stocked with essentials, from components to antistatic bags. Lately he’s spent most of his time in R&D and eyes glued to some sort of CAD. We’re pretty sure he’s laying out circuit boards. At some point it just looks like a Jackson Pollack painting. Bryan enjoys long walks on short piers and fuzz pedals.










Boris Lutskovsky is a software engineer with an extensive background in systems integration and figuring out things no one thought was possible. He’s passionate about a well-made negroni, 90s emo and post-hardcore, and mushroom hunting.










Sales Team

ScottScott joined the Catalinbread team after 15 years at Seymour Duncan. He dabbled in various fields; domestic sales lead, damage control vanguard and head of tech support (which we’re pretty sure is what made him a little crazy…). He spends his free time having nightmares of drawing wire diagrams and hiking.










Cory enjoys offee and playing noise way too early in the morning, kissing cats and is often mistaken for a love child between Inigo Montoya and Robert Plant. 











Customer Service



Oh hi! I’ve been playing guitar for longer than most of my coworkers have been alive. In fact, I have picks older than some of them. Talked myself into a job at Catalinbread in the summer of 2007 while Nic was loaded and they still let me work here. I enjoy hiking and beer. Cool thing is you can drink beer and hike at the same time. Just don’t leave your empties on the trail – like Woodsy says: ‘Give a hoot – don’t pollute!’ 

I dig the likes of Neil Young, The Rolling Stones, Michael Penn, and Chuck Prophet – pretty much anything that’s well-crafted and honest will catch my ear. 

My fave guitar is my Gibson Les Paul Special running stereo into twin 1963 Gibson Falcons which are the greatest small combos ever made and I’ll fight anybody who claims otherwise unless you’re bigger than me.



Steve makes sure all the shipment and invoicing happens. A collector of all the funk records and jocks the discs. He used to play more bass than he does now and drinks coffee.



Social Media and Marketing




Lover of words, Minister of Propaganda and Catalinbread calisthenics coordinator. Plays banjo and keys clumsily, climber of rocks and Sultan of walks. Indoor enthusiast. She’s pretty bad at math. Often subjecting the Wrecking Crew to bad jokes and inciting dance parties.

Talking Heads and Dr. Dre














Nicholas Harris founded Catalinbread in 2003 due to his profound love for guitar tones and deep desire to earn a living by following his own paths and callings. Fast forward over a decade and Catalinbread is the only place that would employ him anyway! Thats ok because he looks forward to going in everyday to work with the most interesting and talented group of people in the industry! 

Favorite Guitar & Amp is a Gibson Les Paul Special and a tweed Fender Bassman. 

Nick loves Sabbath and MIA.

Are you having another one? Cuz I'm having another one.