Bill Frisell

One does not simply define Bill Frisell as a “jazz guitarist.”

He seamlessly intertwines the genre with elements of rock, americana, folk and blues. Although he started out playing the clarinet as a child, it was the octave solo phrasings of Wes Montgomery that compelled Bill to seek guitar lessons while he was still a teenager.  

With just over thirty years of recordings and collaborations with countless amounts of esteemed musicians, expect Bill to win his second Grammy in 2017.


Currently using: Katzenkönig


Featured Discography:

When You Wish Upon A Star (2016) Okeh Records

Guitar in the Space Age! (2014) Okeh Records

History, Mystery (2008) Nonesuch Records

Unspeakable (2004) Nonesuch Records

The Intercontinentals (2003) Nonesuch Records

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