Noel Gallagher

On his wife: “All the PR I do for that woman, I didn’t even get a f*cking birthday present last time. F*cking hell! She pulls out that one: ‘But you’ve got everything! How many more effects pedals can I buy you?’ One more! One f*cking more will do. One more!” (Esquire UK, December 2015)
By the time grunge officially died, plaid flannel shirts and disillusionment were on their way to becoming trite and vapid. “Teen spirit” was gone and the world’s children needed another subcultural movement before hair metal attempted to resurrect itself. Fortunately, America’s record store employees were ready to fill that void due to their voracious reading of Select and Vox magazines. “Cool Brittania” replaced flannel and disillusionment with the Union Jack and cocky swagger, respectively, and power chords gave way to arpeggios.


Currently using: Echorec, Topanga, Adineko, CSIDMAN, Bicycle Delay


Selected Discography:

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds (2011) Sour Mash Records

Chasing Yesterday (2015) Sour Mash Records

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