R.I.P. Nicholas Harris

It is with heavy hearts that we at Catalinbread announce the passing of Nicholas Harris, our founder and our friend. We ask that the privacy of his family, friends, and employees be respected during this difficult time. He was at times “contentious” but was always focused on a vision that asked us to pour just…

Katzenkönig Dive Down

Wooo! We see our Katzenkönig off and send it out into the world today. Have you ordered yours yet?
In the mean time, we’ve made this video to further whet your appetite. Howard goes over how each of the controls interact and the lineage of this pedal.

Penicillin, chocolate chip cookies and Katzenkonig

What do penicillin, chocolate chip cookies and Katzenkonig have in common? They are all inventions that have changed your life and was created unintentionally, as their creators were focusing on other projects. We’d like to think that Sir Alexander Fleming and Ruth Wakefield would agree :p

In this video, you’ll get an idea of the capabilities of the Katzenkonig.

The Katzenkonig will be available for purchase September 24, 2015.


Stay tuned next week when we get a little dirty and dive deeper with the Katzenkonig.

A New Pedal

My my, we have been busy. Last month we put the Zero Point into your paws. It’s the most interactive flanger on the market next to two live tape decks. We bring to you now, another pedal. When played, this tiger’s single notes have the singing tonal character of a great fuzz pedal while chords…

Cheap Trick’s Dirty Little Secret

Rick Nielsen's guitars before the show at the Oregon Amphitheater.

Bamboo Belle Giveaway

Hello Bread Cats, We’re giving away one of our hand signed and numbered, limited edition Bamboo Belle Epochs!! Find out how to enter by watching this video! Winner will be selected September 10! Now, the Bamboo Belle Epoch sounds and functions the same as the typical Belle but they’ve been dressed up a bit with a laser etched…

Zero Point A Closer Look

Why does this flanger only have one button?? This indepth video on the Zero Point will help you get started along with our manual, and hopefully give you some inspiration! Howard expands on subtractive mode, stacking tips, fun settings under the hood and more!