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New Pedal: Bicycle Delay

Bicycle Delay Available Bicycle Day 2016. Keep staring at the dot until your eyes are trained and you half believe you’ve been hypnotized! The Bicycle Delay is a trippy new pedal we’ve all been excited for! Catalinbread fans, we’re putting the call out to all of you who are looking to explore and expand your perception. We challenge…

Holiday Party 2015

Work hard, play hard! Catalinbread Holiday Party! The rain has been hitting us pretty hard again and it’s been solid, grey, skies for the past week. We still party down on school nights apparently! It probably wasn’t the wisest decision but we still had ourselves a responsible, merry old time. Got all our homework done and we…

Steve Berlin and Dave Bruzza

Steve Berlin and Dave Bruzza Tour Catalinbread

Recently, Steve Berlin, Portlander, producer (REM, Sheryl Crow, The Replacements), and musician (Los Lobos) swung by with Dave Bruzza of Greensky Bluegrass and toured the shop!

Mike gave them the walkthrough. The tour usually starts with the front room where you’re likely to meet Clementine, shop dog. The heart  and buzz of the work gets done in Production. The teams work like jelly, with QC, our quality assurance folks. The best folks in the business because at the end of the day, everyone wants to be here and loves doing it. We’re also creative folks and like to be inspired by other creative folks. What a groovy day!

The pedal board line up that day was:
Karma Suture, Valcoder, Katzenkönig, 5F6, Zero Point, DLS, Topanga, Echorec and Belle Epoch.

Thanks for stopping by, Steve and Dave!


Steve Berlin and Dave Bruzza in the front room. Mike is giving a quick rundown of what we had set up.

Steve Berlin and Dave Bruzza in the front room. Mike is giving a quick rundown of what we had set up.


How To: Foundation Overdrives

Back To Basics: Foundation Overdrives

What are foundation overdrives? What do they do and why do you need one? Maybe you want to practice late at night but crave that cranked amp. You may just simply not want to move gear back and forth constantly…. This refresher video aims to explain all those things and hopefully inspire you to bust yours out.

With the new year heading ever closer, we’re getting back to basics with our board. In this video, we’ll use the Dirty Little Secret as our foundation and build the remainder (Katzenkönig, Adineko, Talisman) of our board around it.


For more insightful info, explore previous blogs we’ve written as a refresher!

DI Recording with Catalinbread

Plumbing Your Pedalboard



Catalinbread Clinic: Foundation Overdrives

If you’re in the Portland, OR area this weekend, we’re having a clinic at Five Star Guitars! Howard will go over more pedals and expand on what we’ve covered in this video. If you can’t come, you can still participate since we’ll be Periscoping some of the event, so if you have questions make sure you tune in 🙂

Five Star Guitars: Foundation Overdrives Clinic

Visit us at the Catalinbread Clinic: Foundation Overdrives. We’ll be spending the eventing at Five Star Guitars, answering questions and doing demos.


Catalinbread Propaganda Panda

Belle Epoch vs Echoplex EP-3

Belle Epoch vs Echoplex EP-3

This is the last video in our Belle Epoch: Tips, Techniques and Insights series. We end this series with a side by side, direct comparison of our Belle Epoch and the Echoplex EP-3.

Part One: is a placement demo. If you’ve had questions about where to put your Belle Epoch: before or after your dirt (in this case the Catalinbread RAH)? This is the video for you!

Part Two: in depth overview of Belle Epoch parameters: how to use Delay, Rev Level, Mix and Modulation

Echoplex EP-3

Belle Epoch Control Parameters vs Echoplex EP-3 Part 2

This week’s video: Part 2 of 3 in our Belle Epoch vs Echoplex EP-3 series. An in depth overview of control surface parameters on the Catalinbread Belle Epoch and how it was designed to act and sound just like an Echoplex EP-3!

Just a few nuggets of information in this video:

How to Use Delay: recreate the slapback on an Echoplex.

How to Use Record Level and Mix: dial in your sound. They’re analogous to a Record Level trim pot and Echo Volume (Mix on Belle Epoch). Record Level on an Echoplex sets how hard you hit tape essentially getting your recording level set to optimize your signal to noise ratio. By hitting the tape harder or less hard you get different sounds and textures, and determine where the echo can sit in relation to your dry guitar. As Record Level attenuates, it hits the virtual tape softer making wispy repeats. As it is turned up, it saturates more and your low end goes up, contributing to head bumps.

Watch Part 1


Stay Tuned for Part 3 next week, for the Belle Epoch and Echoplex EP-3 face off!!