Where are your pedals made?

– Right here in beautiful Portland, Oregon by a mostly caffeine-fueled staff of musicians, gear heads, and artists.

What can I use to power my pedal?

– Any good quality, filtered and regulated 9vDC power supply with a center-negative tip will do (Boss, Ibanez, Dunlop, OneSpot, etc). Some of our pedals can accept up to 18vDC and the same requirements apply for those supplies.

Can your pedals run any voltage between 9vDC and 18vDC? 

– Yes; 12v, 15v, etc. You may not hear significant differences between say 9vDC and 12vDC, but a wider jump should be very noticeable.

What is the current draw of your pedals?

Adineko – 60mA
Anticthon – 1mA
Belle Epoch – 60mA
Belle Epoch Deluxe – 200mA
Bicycle Delay – 60mA
Callisto – 19mA
CSIDman – 60mA
Dirty Little Secret – 5mA
Echorec – 60mA
Epoch Pre – 200mA
Formula 5F6 – 5mA
Formula No.5 – 2mA
Fuzzrite – 1mA
Galileo – 5mA
Heliotrope – 5mA
Karma Suture – 1mA
Katzenkonig – 6mA
Merkin – 4mA
Montavillian – 29mA
Naga Viper – 1mA
Octapussy – 3mA
Pareidolia – 18mA
Perseus – 14mA
RAH – 5mA
SFT – 4mA
Sabbara Cadabara – 5mA
Super Chili Picoso – 4mA
Talisman – 62mA
Topanga – 64mA
Valcoder – 15mA
Zero Point – 65mA

What is your warranty? How do I register my pedal?

All Catalinbread pedals enjoy a 7 year warranty to the original owner upon registration. The only exceptions are for cosmetic damage, abuse and/or unauthorized modification. We will repair or replace your unit in the rare event it malfunctions, for free. There may be a charge for actual return shipping cost.

– You can register your warranty here: Catalinbread Warranty Registration

What is your return policy? 

– We have a 7 day return policy. The pedal must be returned with all packaging and in immaculate as new condition and a copy of your receipt must accompany your return. Contact our customer support staff prior to attempting to return your pedal to obtain a returns code using our contact us page.


If you’re having issues with your Catalinbread pedal, please take a moment to read through a few of these remedies to see if they can solve your problem. Of course if you want to talk with us directly, please don’t hesitate to fill out the form on this page and we’ll be glad to help answer any questions you may have.
First – is the pedal being powered correctly? If you are using a battery, make sure it is a fresh alkaline like a Duracell or Energizer – these batteries provide the best performance in our pedals, and the dollar store carbon batteries are typically too long to fit in the casing anyway.

If you are using a power supply, a regulated 9vDC/center-negative tipped adapter is specified for our products. A few of our pedals can be run at 18vDC and will say so right on the pedal – they also require a regulated center-negative tipped adapter.

If the power source and its related cabling has checked out fine and you’re still having issues, please check your patch cables if there are other effects being used. Try isolating the pedal to see if it is exhibiting the same problem by itself – if it is behaving normally when isolated, it is likely a cabling or power supply issue or perhaps a reaction to another pedal upstream in your effects chain.

Read more about troubleshooting your pedalboard

Still need help?

Give us a call or send us an email:

Phone: 503-928-2639

If you’re calling during non-business hours (Saturday, Sunday, middle of the night), we’ll probably have to call you back. Go ahead and leave a voicemail, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.