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Belle Epoch Deluxe Expression Pedal Compatibility

  Using an expression pedal unlocks the live performance potential of your new Belle Epoch Deluxe! You can control delay time, echo volume, rotary speed, or filter sweep from an expression pedal. And when combined with the user-tunable Echo Oscillation footswitch and/or the internally switchable trails/true-bypass mode, all kinds of new sonic vistas are available!…

Belle Epoch vs Echoplex EP-3

Belle Epoch vs Echoplex EP-3

This is the last video in our Belle Epoch: Tips, Techniques and Insights series. We end this series with a side by side, direct comparison of our Belle Epoch and the Echoplex EP-3.

Part One: is a placement demo. If you’ve had questions about where to put your Belle Epoch: before or after your dirt (in this case the Catalinbread RAH)? This is the video for you!

Part Two: in depth overview of Belle Epoch parameters: how to use Delay, Rev Level, Mix and Modulation

Echoplex EP-3

Belle Epoch: Before Or After Dirt?

A specific question has been asked quite a bit.  “Should I put my Belle Epoch before or after dirt?” Find out in this first video of three!

The Belle Epoch is placed in front and behind the Catalinbread RAH (Royal Albert Hall) pedal for a clear side by side comparison and differentiates subtleties that can be achieved with the Belle. Howard also describes in detail, each control of the Belle Epoch and its design intentions. This series will also include side by side comparisons of the Belle Epoch to an Echoplex EP-3. Our hope is that you walk away armed and inspired by some new knowledge!

Stay Tuned for Parts 2 and 3. New videos every Thursday 🙂

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