Dirty Little Secret Deluxe Out Now!

Officially enter contest here. If you enter once, you have the chance of winning ANY of the prizes all of December--including the completed pedalboard at the end! 

This is the biggest giveaway we have ever done! Starting on December 1st, we are giving away a different pedal (or a few) every other day for all of December. Once you sign up once, you are eligible to win any of the pedals on any of the days. The last day’s prize is a completed Catalinbread pedalboard, all powered up and ready to rock. Each day’s winner will be announced the day after. For example, if the Echorec is the prize on December 1st, the winner will be drawn and announced on December 2nd. Officially sign up at

Here are the prizes and which day they fall on. This can also be seen on our prize calendar.

December 1st: Echorec (Winner: John Rasimovich)
December 3rd: Soft Focus (Winner: Tim Mills)
December 5th: Belle Epoch (Winner: Joseph Decker
December 7th: Dirty Little Secret (Winner: Denise Schwartz)
December 9th: Many Worlds (Winner: Joshua Beare)
December 11th: Topanga (Winner: Joshua Gardner)
December 13th: Formula 51 (Winner: Anthony Rodriguez)
December 15th: RAH (Winner: Kerby Epperly)
December 17th: Sabbra Cadabra (Winner: Parker Tuel)
December 19th: Tribute (Winner: Christopher Sikora)
December 21st: CB Overdrive, CB Distortion, CB Fuzz (Winner: Scott Harrill)
December 23rd: Callisto MK II (Winner: Clayton Lapointe)
December 25th: Belle Epoch Deluxe w/ CB Tap (Winner: Jed Jeffries)
December 27th: Fuzzrite Germanium (Winner: Michael Wyczynski)
December 29th: Cloak (Winner: John Boles)
December 31st: Completed pedalboard (Winner: Douglas Dery)