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SuperCharged Overdrive (Legacy Edition)
SuperCharged Overdrive (Legacy Edition)

SuperCharged Overdrive (Legacy Edition)





A long time ago, we released a savage, amp melting overdrive called the SuperCharged Overdrive. After letting this one hibernate a bit, it’s back but now it’s got some new tricks. The circuit has been retooled to provide a more dynamic gain range and a tilt equalizer that really lets the gain breathe. Combined with an amp-like resonance control, the new SCOD is back with a vengeance.

This is one of our original “non-foundational” overdrive from Catalinbread’s early days, a balls-out, juicy dirt circuit with a unique circuit topology, even now! The SCOD was initially designed around a “mystery IC,” back when you could get away with that kind of thing. But now that players demand a little more from their pedal lore, the SCOD is equipped with eight MOSFET devices, all stacked into one another and optimally tuned for a truly inspiring bottom-heavy crunch. Fans of Catalinbread from the early days might remember the SCOD as a three-knob device, but we’ve found that the addition of a tilt equalizer dramatically expands the tonal palette of the original. And since the Contour knob functions as a addition-by-subtraction mids control, the range of the pedal has opened up immensely. It’s a favorite around here and we think you will think so too.

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Tilt EQ: This new ingredient adds a tilt equalizer to the mix. This is a particular type of active, one-knob equalizer that establishes a centerpoint in the frequency spectrum and adjusts the surrounding frequencies. Picture a seesaw that is controlled by a knob, with one side being all frequencies below the center point, and the other being all frequencies above the center point. As one side is lowered, the other is raised. The center point of this circuit is 800Hz, and 12:00 noon on the knob is completely balanced; nothing boosted, nothing cut. Turning this knob up boosts >800 and cuts <800. The opposite is also true. We’ve used a knob with a handy center “click” so you can easily find the centerpoint if you’d like to disengage the EQ in a pinch.

Volume: It does the thing. And be careful, there’s a lot!


Contour: This knob is almost like a second gain control and a mids control all in one. Much like a variable version of a real tube amp’s feedback, the Contour control feeds a variable amount of signal from the output back into the middle of the circuit, which elevates the midrange and provides some gloss and gooey saturation. Pretty cool, huh?

Gain: Turn this knob up for more distortion, more harmonics, and more chug. This control is very interactive with the Contour control.


The SuperCharged Overdrive requires a center-negative DC power supply capable of supplying 9-18 volts and at least 10 mA of current. Any more current than that is fine. Don’t give it the wrong polarity, don’t give it anything outside the recommended voltage range and goodness gracious please do not feed it AC. Your pedal will become crispy and inoperable, causing your space to stink and void your warranty. Just say no!