Bitters Out Now!


Back before most people heard the term “boutique” in reference to music gear, something was brewing in all corners of the globe, spurred by the Internet and the ability to share information freely. Guitar players began to look backwards to move forwards, combining
time-tested approaches to pedalcraft with forward-thinking ideas. The Pacific Northwest’s answer to this boom was Catalinbread, born in 2003 on Nic Harris’s kitchen table. After producing the Super Chili Picoso, the first Catalinbread-branded pedal exclusively for ToneFactor, a Seattle-based guitar shop. The sales of this fur-lined pedal went on to fund some more adventurous designs, and before long Catalinbread had outgrown both its business model and modest shop space, packing up the truck and ending up in Portland, Oregon. We’ve been here since 2006, now manufacturing over 30 unique pedals, built by human hands, one by one.